Die Engelsman

Whilst I realise that there are probably quite a number of Englishmen who have immigrated to South Africa in recent years and now refer to the country as their ‘home’, I thought it would be interesting (at least for myself and possibly a few friends and family), to share in a documented account of my experiences (quirky and otherwise), current affairs, politics and just about anything else which I find interesting or different as an ‘Englesman’ living and working in South Africa; hence my blog’s title.

I am a 30-somethingish male who moved to the country in mid 2009 from the UK to take up my ‘new’ life and since then have married, bought a house and continued my profession as an airfield design engineer in a local engineering consultancy. I also have two border collie ‘children’ at home who I love dearly. Living here, I continuously come across things which South Africa has, or sometimes hasn’t got to offer in terms of day-to-day living. I’ve found that writing blog posts about the country is highly addictive and a refreshing alternative to time spent on Facebook. My wife has even taken to assist me in suggesting possible post topics; after all, she is a native!

If anyone has ever emigrated, setting up your ‘stuff’ for the first time in a new country is never as easy as you might have fooled yourself into believing! I regularly have the acronym ‘TIA’ (this is Africa) pushed in my general direction, to remind me of where I have chosen to live. Every day is an adventure but for this I am thankful – it keeps life that little bit more interesting and unique.

3 thoughts on “Die Engelsman

  1. true… it’s not easy to move to another country.. but a 19 old me 9 years ago thought it was a piece of cake … boy, was I wrong… Good luck with your adventures in Africa! I’m in love with that continent!


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