Playing with Fire (and getting burnt)

Just a short post to air my disbelief in regard to a particular news article that I heard on the radio on the way into work this morning. I can only describe the guy, a 40-something year old British immigrant to South Africa as a dumbass of note! Firstly, why would you knowingly enter the waters off Fish Hoek beach, noted for being a shark hotspot (and for its famous fish-food) during a period of heightened shark activity, with several sharks being spotted on the day you choose to go swimming?

'See-food' and eat it promotional flags

Secondly, heed warnings! Shark spotters had on the same day (28 Sept 2011) spotted several sharks swimming offshore in clear waters, raised shark warning flags and sounded a siren to ensure people were out of the sea before closing the beach to swimmers. There is no confusing the white flags with black shark emblems for a seafood promotion, but if you didn’t happen to see these maybe being in the only person in the water would be a dead giveaway?

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Maverick Pays Rent-a-Crowd for Support Demonstrations

I’m beginning to think that Julie-ass Maverick Malema enjoys being in the media spotlight; so much so that he might have to start applying sunscreen to his slaphead so that it doesn’t peel. He even made the front page of the BBC News Website’s Africa section today. This is quite an achievement in my mind considering that the guy is only 30! He does however look much older, but this could simply be down to a bad choice in face cream and lack of R & R.

If Julie-ass spent as much time on his looks as he did spouting his highly opinionated twaddle, he might shave years off his perceived age. I’m currently filling out an online entry form on his behalf to appear on the TV show ’10 years younger’ when it airs in South Africa, however this should not be seen as a favour in any regard. I just want him to look his best in front of all the judges that he’ll be facing. His wardrobe and makeup artist should also outfit him with a nice weave and reputable matt foundation as his shiny features reflect terribly in all his interviews and head shots. Continue reading