Rule Britannia

Lady Penelope

Having just returned from the UK after attending a one-week university course to notch up a few CPD points, coupled with attendance of a friend’s engagement party to gather a few points of the brownie variant, I took today to reflect on my experience and the things I’ve missed, whilst recovering in bed from the after effects of a particularly bad case of man-flu.

It was the first time I’d be back to the UK since 2009 and I was looking forward to the visit. The flight up, Virgin Atlantic naturally, was great; just over 100-odd people on-board the jumbo jet and 3 seats to me, myself and I. I managed a record breaking 7 hours of sleep on the 11 hour flight, dinner, breakfast and 1.75 movies before the plane hit the tarmac at a chilly London Heathrow. Looking out of the window, there was snow covering the airport, my past work stomping ground. The service teams were already out de-icing the scheduled early morning flights and the airport was a hive of activity. Ahhh, the memories.

Determined to not give the impression that I’d turned into a complete sissy during my exposure to ample levels of vitamin D, heat and 360 days of guaranteed sunshine in South Africa, I walked off the plane wearing no more than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans – Who Da Man! I could see that many of the jacketed and gloved Heathrow natives were giving me odd looks (it was -6 degrees Celsius). I was unequivocally still “well ‘aard” (cue the double-arm chest flex), although less so by the time I’d reached the car park. Continue reading

The Dustbin Fairy

If you have ever seen the slums in the movie Slumdog Millionaire, it’s pretty evident that rubbish can pose a bit of a problem if it isn’t disposed of properly. For those who haven’t, the Mumbai slums are pretty minging and that’s about the crux of the matter. This is a movie which should definitely be broadcast to the masses not just in South Africa, but globally in order to emphasise the fact that litter can’t throw itself the bin.

I still find it hard to grasp that in a non-third-world nation such as South Africa, people cannot work out, or maybe just don’t care that they are surrounded by litter and that it poses more than a singular and minor problem – especially in places such packed settlements like townships. People here live in such a beautiful country and they choose to take no pride in their home. It’s like taking a dump on your best-friend’s face….you just don’t do it.

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