Get ‘Fast’ Internet for only X*%$!!! p/m

Should you go on to any of the big South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) websites there will undoubtedly be a link to one of their ‘fast internet’ service offerings. To put the term ‘fast’ into perspective, 384kbps is guaranteed on most of the ADSL services, with anything above this an added bonus, and one which you shouldn’t complain about. You could after all be downgraded to dial-up!

For anyone who has not ventured outside the borders of South Africa in their lifetime, the internet reached ‘blazing fast’ and heady heights for the rest of the developed world at around the turn of the millennium. On one particular UK-based broadband provider site, the slowest service which you can now purchase is 10 Megs (Mbps) for under R200 per month (no typo here!). Continue reading