All that Glitters is not Gold

I was listening to the news report on the way into work this morning and there was mention of a second disruption to services on the Gautrain in the space of a week. On Monday, there was an ‘illegal’ bus driver’s strike related to (no prizes for correct guesses) – wages. The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU)….catchy nametag – actually stepped forward to condemn the strike by the Mega Express bus drivers who are contracted to the operate the Gautrain’s bus links.

Considering that the first phase of the commercial train service has been operating for little over a year, the Gautrain operator should think about terminating the contract of Mega Express (with an agreed notice period) whilst advertising for another operator. The strike must go against the previously agreed contract conditions? Obviously wage negotiations had taken place when the company was appointed to operate the bus service prior to the opening of the rail service and everyone was happy at the time. I cannot believe that in the space of a year things would be SO bad that this would warrant a strike? Continue reading